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13 May, 2008


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A bit last minute, but if you get the chance and you’re in New York, you must go see our own Andi Bray, certified group fitness instructor, in tonight’s production of Lbs, The Musical with Weight Behind It. Choreographed by John Paolillo, Lbs. is a song and dance celebration of full-sized women who find empowerment […]

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Rochelle Rice, MA, is a nationally-recognized speaker, author, and educator. She is the President of In Fitness & In Health and the creator of the Plus-Size Exercise Technique, which was designed based on her concerns about the inordinate stress put on thinness in our society, rather than fitness.

Rochelle dedicates herself to empowering women of size by connecting the body, the mind, and the heart through focus, movement, and breath. She is the author of Real Fitness for Real Women.

Rochelle is the President of Bryant Park Toastmasters in New York City, Area 33, Club 2895, and became only the 59th Accredited Speaker in the world at the Toastmasters International Convention in Palm Desert, California in August, 2010.


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