We are smack in the throws of a great deal of change right now – as a country and as a world.  But how resilient are you?  Does change “knock you over” or “fire you up?”  The key to success is to create resiliency.  I decided to try this hair cut and color experiment to test my own change.

Carlo and I had talked about it weeks before – darker and different.  I was getting excited.  And then today came and suddenly I’m having heart palpitations!  Anxiety…me?  It’s HAIR!  Breathe…suddenly my thoughts were with you all, my clients.  How does a DIFFERENT haircut and color affect your life?  Do you move with more lightness, freedom and enthusiasm?  Or is it easier to stay “same old, same old.”

I had a lot of fun doing this video and I have to say, I was a bit shocked when I looked in the mirror!  It was dark alright, with only a few hints of blond peeking through.  While there was part of me freaking out (it almost looked like a wig to me), the enthusiasm did kick in to my system when I felt the excitement bubble up inside.  I think I WILL move differently tomorrow – maybe even more of a skip in my step!

Thank you to my dear hair stylist, Carlo Nunez for making this a fun project – and for keeping safe only those things your hairdresser knows. :)

I invite you to try a small change of ANY kind to strengthen your resiliency – it truly is exhilarating!