With the change of the season comes a change of activities.  Now is the time to get outdoors as much as possible before the dreaded Northeast summer heat and humidity.  Walking, biking, hiking through nature…all of these are excellent activities that get you outside and get you moving!

At some point, you are going to need a swim suit.  You may be one of those women who hasn’t been in a suit since your first child was born 23 years ago.  Or you may be one that can never find a suit that is ‘appropriate’ for your body.  Well, have no fear!  There is this fabulous company that has a great selection of swimwear. Check out womens bathing suits at swimsuitsforall.com. They have some excellent styles and incredible prices! And if you go through this link you will get a discount as well!

So suit up!  Swimming is the friendliest, non-impact activity going!  The buoyancy and glide of the water makes for a tremendous workout without the stress and strain on the joints.  But remember, you still need to hold your abs in, use your breath fully, and complete your movements for the maximum effect!  Your body will love you! ;)