For the first time in many years, I quietly let the New Year roll in. My usual routine is a host of rituals on New Year's Eve: incense, painting, writing and smashing an egg symbolic of the things I want to let go of in 2012. But I did nothing this year and I was fine. So what happened?!?

I have solidly added many rituals to my daily life to celebrate, honor, recognize or grieve over my life experiences. I have my dear friend and colleague, Deborah Roth to thank for this special gift.  Sure, we celebrate marriages, birthdays and anniversaries, but what about celebrating and honoring life experiences or even YOU?!? 

I realized I had been creating rituals all year.  From my induction as President of NSA-NYC to saying goodbye to three incredibly powerful women in my life who passed.  I created rituals to help me honor, recognize and move through these life experiences.

When creating a ritual, I recomend the following based on Deborah's wisdom:

1 - Set an intention.  What are you doing this for?  To celebrate, grieve, honor?  Light a candle to begin.

2 - Awaken all of your senses.  Sight, sound, smell, touch and taste.  Add flowers, music, incense, something tangible and top it off with honey or strawberries or one hershey kiss. ;)

3 - Be present.  Let your intention settle into every cell of your being to really anchor your experience.

4 - Trust you will know when you are complete - whether it's a book signing, a quiet celebration at home or with friends.  The end will come naturally if you allow yourself to be present, you will know you are complete.

5 - Blow out your candle.  Trust you have honored your intention.  Trust you can move forward with a very clear mind, knowing you have been present to recognize the life experiences that happen to you on a regular basis.

My New Years was much different with my nephews running around the house and a hot cup of tea.  A different type of ritual which I loved. ;)

Wishing you peace and health in 2012.  With rituals that honor your life experiences and nourish your soul.  Namaste.