I was appalled and disgusted by last night’s Biggest Loser Season 14 show. I stopped watching this show a long time ago because of the abuse the trainers lay on the show’s contestants.  I have never pushed a client so far as to sustain an injury and I have never dropped an F bomb in their presence. My job is to help my clients:

  • Develop a pleasurable experience with movement based on the Health at Every Size(tm) paradigm.
  • Master a solid technique to avoid injury and enhance the activities of daily living (ADLs).
  • Create a peaceful relationship with the physical body through movement and breath.
  • Build up a Buffet of Movement (c) that allows for growth and expansion.
  • Recognize the body as a resource for information.

Within 27 minutes of last night’s show, one contestant was on the floor requiring medical attention, one was puking and a couple of people had fallen off the treadmill.  I was horrified.  All of this while the other contestants are being yelled at to keep going.  A physical and energetic nightmare.

I personally believe we do need to live an active lifestyle, whatever that feels like in your body.  But this show does nothing but exploit the overweight person, and the trainers are an absolute disgrace to the fitness industry.

My plea to any person watching the show:  It is your right and your decision whether or not you want to be active.  Whatever you do, create a team of Size Friendly health professionals that follow the Health at Every Size(tm) paradigm.  You should never be disgraced, humiliated, cursed at, or set up for injury no matter your size, age, gender, race, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, creed or religion – or any other class that I have failed to mention here.

And the kids?!?  I couldn’t even watch long enough.  I did see the trainers outside playing with them.  Wonderful.  In the meantime, I’m drafting a letter to IDEA, my fitness industry association, and ask that they take a stand on the unethical practices of the trainers on the show.