Catherine Schuller was a smashing success with her “Best Bra Fitting You’ve Never Had!”  workshop at the Full, Fit and Fabulous event!  Says Catherine, “Get fit and try on the bra.  The way you know it is really doing its job is to asses the line of projection. Stand facing the mirror with your arms at your side and find the apex of the shoulder and the tip of the elbow.  Midway between is the point where you follow across to see that hopefully the fullest part of the bust should be lifted to.”

Since 8 out 10 women wear the wrong size bra, there aren’t too many women who would succumb to having a fitting!   The average women changes her bra size six times in her life.  For the everday bra line, Catherine recommends Connie Elder’s Go 2 Bras( and Always for Me ( ) for the sport bras.  My favorite line of Catherine’s – “you’re not short waisted, you’re long busted!”

Add a strong upper back, tall posture and solid core muscles to alleviate lower back discomfort, and suddenly you’re rocking your bra!  Not to mention how safe, healthy and happy your breasts will be!