Consistently Consistent

The end of the first quarter of 2013…and where have I been?!?  What have I been doing?!?  When you look back at January 1, 2013 with your hopes and ambitions high, what was the feeling in your body?  Today, in every cell of my being, I feel the sensations of beginning projects and then the challenges of completing them.  I can look back and feel the bumps in the road.  I am not challenged with setting goals.    My challenge is consistency.

Here are 3 suggestions when setting goals:

1 – Make the goal reasonable.  Sure, you want to make a million dollars, but how about $250K first?  Want to lose 50lbs?  Can we start with movement?

2 – Weed out what’s unnecessary.  We fill our lives with clutter and insane schedules so we don’t need to feel.  Make the space to breathe.

3 – Be consistent.  Everyone and everything will want your time always.  Do one thing toward your goal each day before getting sidetracked.

Be Consistently CONSISTENT(CC)

There will always be a person, project, meeting, family situation or pet problem that will vie for your attention.  And yes, this is life.  But be patient as your practice being consistent.  I believe you will find the rewards astounding!

Happy Spring at last!


About the Author:

I have been empowering women through movement since 1995 when my book “Real Fitness for Real Women” laid the foundation for what has become a transformative professional speaking and training career. My signature “Breathe & Eat©” program fills a void in the vast diet/exercise industry.
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