Christine Schenk: “The Marriage Between Physical and Energy Body.”

I was first introduced to the work of Christine Schenk in 2002.  I can honestly say my work with her has changed my life.  When people ask me about her training, I can best describe it as learning to live within myself.  To recognize, acknowledge and be honest with myself.  To learn to live and manage myself.  In this work, I have experienced a high level of commitment from the members of my group and dramatic shifts in my life.  The work has enriched  my life’s work with my clients and business.

From the back cover of her book:  “The discovery and conscious exploration of the energy body is one of the most significant steps of evolution in the process of human individuation.  This process opens our inner world.  The inner world, the inner experience, is an indivisible part of every human being for the duration of his life.  To perceive it is a natural birthright.”

I celebrate these 10+ years with her as I complete another training June 2, 2013.  Real.  Bottom line.  Life.

For more information visit Christine Schenk.

About the Author:

I have been empowering women through movement since 1995 when my book “Real Fitness for Real Women” laid the foundation for what has become a transformative professional speaking and training career. My signature “Breathe & Eat©” program fills a void in the vast diet/exercise industry.

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  1. Thanks for the pointer – I checked out Shenk’s website, and the principles behind the energy body corresponds nicely with my experience from Tai Chi training. I’ll definitely be reading more!

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