Rhonda braves the cold to maintain her active lifestyle!

Rhonda braves the cold to maintain her active lifestyle!

My Masters of Movement have gotten to where they are step by step, one molecule at a time. This is exactly how our latest Master of Movement embraced and is sustaining an active lifestyle. Rhonda joined my program in 2007 and has since been an enthusiastic cheerleader for our entire community. She began her movement journey that same year by donning a pedometer to track her steps. After successfully hitting her desired step count each day, she realized she was ready for movement to be a bigger part of her life. Her daily step goal: 10,000!

This was just the beginning for Rhonda. Now she says it is no problem for her to walk 14,000 steps a day. But as she explains in our interview, getting here was no easy feat. It took her 3 months to begin hitting her 10,000 daily goal. She would even walk while watching television at night to increase her step count! Rhonda became a Master of Movement with both discipline and time. She kept on walking until she reached her goal– step by step, molecule by molecule.

Part of Rhonda’s success involves setting aside “me time” each week to dedicate to self care. This includes a movement routine of walking, cardio at the gym, and (I am so pleased to say) yoga with me. In my interview with Rhonda she describes her most impactful “AHA!” moment and how it has shaped her approach to an active lifestyle. Listen to how she created a movement regimen for herself inspired by the beauty of Central Park.

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