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The Power of the Pause It’s been a lightning speed month AGAIN. »
The Spoken Word Communication is a challenge for so many. »
Anatomy 101 I am passionate about muscles, bones and internal organs. »
Moving Forward May your trust yourself to sit in the PAUSE long enough to feel. »


“Sometimes you have to pause for a moment and recognize all that is working in your life.

You have plenty to be grateful for – bring it forward and give thanks.”


The Power of the Pause

Moose crossingIt’s been a lightning speed month AGAIN.  So much so that many commitments I had made verbally or otherwise – got dropped, overlooked or ‘fell through the cracks.’ (I really hate that phrase when someone uses it on me :)

I’ve been stuck in the ‘doing the same thing over and over expecting different results’ place in my life. But I keep going. And while this has sustained me well in the past, I was beginning to feel like this moose sign with crashes as obligations and relationships got lost.

Doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. (I know – don’t tell me!)

Insert the PAUSE…

I think ultimately I’m afraid to sit in the pause on a regular basis. The quiet is sometimes deafening. But to continue to do the work I am doing, I have to embrace the pause with a willingness that has me still kicking as I go.  But I do know, I cannot keep going the way I have been. It’s time to look and review at what is right in front of me in my life – even if I don’t want to.

I don’t know fully what it will look and feel like, but I am leaning into my faith. That through the uncertainty, I will come to a place that is beyond what I ever dreamed possible.  Here’s to the journey.



The Spoken Word

Fascinating to me – the more I speak at events, the more I realize how communication is a challenge for so many.  To be open, honest, forthright, even vulnerable with our words, can create such a feeling of discomfort that there may be many times that we do not speak up at all – the good, the bad, the indifferent.

The spoken word is what’s needed in relationship building.  And yet how many times have we heard these phrases in our heads:

  • What will we talk about?
  • If I ask her for coffee, what if she says no?
  • It seems silly to just pick up the phone to say hi.
  • What if she really doesn’t want to be my friend?
  • Who can I really communicate with?

Truth?  It is scary.  It is difficult.  And it does make you vulnerable.

Jean, Karen, Sonia & MeI’m grateful to the women of my National Speakers Association NYC Chapter for the opportunity to communicate in ways where we gave permission and acknowledgement, learned to ask for what we needed, provided honest critique over hurts and pains, and took the word ‘sorry’ out of the equation unless we had truly done harm.

Begin with a small step.  Email or text someone just to let them know you are thinking about them.  And don’t be shocked if they reply ‘I just thinking about you too!’  Or, ‘that was so incredibly sweet of you!’  Take that information in and feel the flow of the relationship with another human being.

We are all indeed ONE.



Anatomy 101

For the love of bones!I am passionate about muscles, bones and internal organs.  We walk around in these amazing bodies that move through space without ever stopping to feel how it all goes together – unless we are in pain.

I am committed to continuing to teach an anatomical approach – a system where you can learn where the movement in your body originates and how it happens.  Too often we are literally pushing or throwing our bodies around in space without any connection to how we make it happen.  We ONLY become highly aware when there is a pain or injury.

Continuing to study how you move, what muscles and bones are involved and what internal organs are responsible for different aspects of our health, will not only make for a more peaceful relationship within yourself, but I believe, a more peaceful world as a whole.



Moving Forward

I’m headed to San Diego at the end of June for the National Speakers Association Convention.  In the year ahead, I will serve as the Chair of the Chapter Leadership Committee, overseeing a team of 17 NSA members who coach the President Elects of our 37 chapters across the country.

Then I’m off to Maine for my yearly parade with my Dad whose heart is healthy and strong!

And then it’s the Berkshires for a week in July teaching jazz dance at Berkshire Pulse.

(I know…I know…the PAUSE.)

Wishing you a summer season filled with joyful MOVEMENT!

May your trust yourself to sit in the PAUSE long enough to feel.  I’ll be there with you.

Yours in health,