Have you ever inhaled your food – only to ‘wake up’ in a food coma with little to no memory of the food coming in or even how much you ate!?

Imagine being able to breathe easy with your food – noticing the cues from your body about what to eat and when. By slowing down and focusing on your breath, you can learn to tune into your body’s innate ability to self-regulate with food.

I used to call my nightly binges “Smashing and Trashing.” I would tear through the kitchen like a drug addict looking for a fix, drinking and eating until I was numb. I would pass out without brushing my teeth or washing my face, having attained peace at last. But no one and nothing could save me, and in my self-destructiveness, I virtually abandoned myself.

I only wish I knew then what I know now.

The answer is in your breath.

Join me Monday, September 22nd @ 8pm ET for a complimentary Teleclass:

Breathing – The Free, Unspoken, Always Available, Weight Management Tool

In this Teleclass you will learn:

  • How to decrease the need for Tums or other antacids.
  • How to increase your connection to your food with breath.
  • How to increase your metabolism with breathing exercises.
  • How to regulate your body weight with the connection to breath.
  • And – why no one is talking about breathing as a weight management tool.

Sounds too good to be true?

I have spent years working with women who are food challenged. The primary focus has always been about movement, but the missing link, over and over, is the breath. Pure, clear, anatomically correct breathing. I have witnessed the amazed yet knowing look when a woman connects with her breath. And I know you can connect also. There is not enough talk going on about breathing and weight management, but trust me, breathing is the cornerstone of health and wellness.

Borrow my faith and join me Monday to learn more about your free, unspoken, always available, weight management tool – your breath.

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See you on the call!