Yep – it happened again.  That feeling where I get so overwhelmed I become paralyzed – I don’t know WHERE to begin or even HOW to begin.  Nothing in my day gets accomplished.  I get all caught up in things that have absolutely nothing to do with my health and wellness – and everything to do with other people’s agendas, expectations, and critiques.  Time is lost, frustration sets in, and the downward cycle continues.

I believe the first step is to own that I am in overwhelm, instead of trying to keep running from it by eating, watching TV, or playing on Facebook.

I believe the second step is to slim it down as much as possible.  Overwhelm is such a heavy feeling that I can barely move.  What part of the overwhelm can I let go of?

And lastly, stop for one minute – 60 seconds.  Time it on my iPhone.  I won’t run.  I won’t hide.  Just stop for 60 seconds and try and get a better perspective of one molecule I can move.  And that’s it.  That’s about all I can handle.

Just for today, I will pause for 60 seconds, gain some perspective and have the courage to move one molecule.

Just for today.