Author Charles Duhigg does an excellent job with how habits work.

There is usually a cue that triggers the routine.  Yes – I am aware of cues and triggers.  But what caught my attention was his idea that a trigger could be a time of day or even a location.  And with that, I’m picturing my couch, the TV and 8pm at night.  I don’t believe I ever looked at time and location as triggers.

Ok – the trigger causes the routine to take place – couch, TV, up way too late watching stupid TV eating stupid food.

My reward for this behavior?  I can’t even tell you.  I guess I could say I get to be all high and mighty that I did something because I ‘deserved it’ after such a long day?!?  Even as I write that it sounds ridiculous.

(Can we get to the good stuff please?!?)

And here it is…what reward am I craving?


I have never asked myself this question at all when it comes to a habit I am trying to shift.

So I sit here peacefully for a moment trying not to freak out, and what do I come up with?

I have no idea (in this moment) what reward I am craving in the evenings after a long day.  No idea.

But that question in itself is a humble place for me to begin.

Small steps…

Would love to hear about the rewards you may be craving. :)