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I identified my trigger as the time of day (8pm) and location (the couch watching TV).  And the routine set in – stupid TV eating stupid food staying up stupid late.  The author of The Power of Habit then went on to ask “what reward am I craving?”  And here are the results that stunned me.

On Friday, December 5th, I was sitting with a friend and discussing this topic when she asked me, “What do the television shows give you?”  “Love and romance!” blurted out of my mouth without hesitation.  And I cracked up as I listed my shows – Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, Law and Order SVU, Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal.  Need I say much about the love and romance on each of these shows?!?  So I set about thinking how I could create love and romance for myself in the evenings as my reward.  I thought candles, music, call friends, write letters or cards to loved ones.  So I slept on it.

On Saturday, December 6th, without having said a word to my life partner David about this recent awareness, I came home to find the TV was gone!  Gone from the center of the room where it held a coveted space for the past 8 years!  And in it’s place was my beloved Buddah!  Complete with plants and candle!  Of course I cried and told him it was the best Christmas present ever!  He still had no idea I was on the quest to once again create TV free weeknights for myself!

And so the TV habit has been broken.  And while the first few nights were challenging as I tried to figure out what to do with all of my time, I can say with the utmost confidence, that this experience stunned me on so many levels.  First, to recognize that time could be a trigger.  Then to review the routine.  And lastly, to identify the reward.  Now to continue to work on creating love and romance for me. ;)

I would have never believed it myself, but I was so excited by all of this that I have decided to have a LIVE teleclass on this topic!  Change One Habit Before the New Year Begins!

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