I hope you’ve enjoyed my recent video series and have learned a few tips about:

The Breathe & Eat program is now open for registration and will be closing on Wednesday, January 21st @ 12 noon so you don’t want to miss out!

With the Breathe & Eat program you will be able to:

  • retire the diet lifestyle
  • bring peace to the table
  • live with strength in your choices
  • and live more fully!

Plus, I’m adding a number of bonuses to this series!

  • Six teleclasses with me that coincide with your video series
  • Worksheets and templates to help you plan, prepare and shop for food
  • Online support through a private community
  • And a surprise gift mailed to your home!

Remember – this program is designed to be learned with whatever food you are eating now, whether it’s Ben & Jerry’s and Doritos or salmon, kale and brown rice.


This program is unique and powerful and promotes a healing relationship within yourself.

-Melissa M

This is a truly simple, doable program that will definitely surprise with new insights about yourself, and how much better you’ll feel after a meal.

-Susan L

So join me today and get started right away with a program that requires no special gadgets, pills or machines.  Just you – glorious you!

Visit BreatheAndEat.com for a complete overview of the program.