Weight loss was the #1 response as the outcome from a healthy eating program.  The exciting news however, was that many of you also stated you want to feel better and have more energy – even get off medications.

A number of years ago I was doing a phone interview with a magazine and the reporter asked, “If you don’t weigh and measure your clients, how do you measure success?”  That question was pivotal for me. “I measure the success of my clients by how they engage in their lives.”  Boom.  That was it.

Sometimes I’m not sure which comes first – feel better, thinner, prettier and then engage in life?!?!  Or engage in life and then feel ALIVE.

Rochelle Rice Perspective SuccessI invite you to be curious about the possibility of measuring success by how you engage in your life.  Physically, mentally, spiritually, professionally.  Are you walking more?  Are you involved in organizations?  Are you engaged in healthy relationships?  Do you do any volunteer work?  Do you have faith and hope?

I believe each time you step onto the scale, you step out of your body.  You could be feeling terrific but those numbers could put you in a down spin.  And suddenly, faith and hope could turn to despair and hopelessness.

Take a piece of paper, your journal, or even type here below, and write out how you are engaging in your life.  Anything non food related, but could certainly include social events!  Be courageous and think a little broader – even if it means picking up the phone to call someone just because. I guarantee it will be a win/win experience!

So go ahead, embrace a new perspective on measuring success.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised! :)