After surveying our community, I learned that over 62% of the women believed that lack of shopping, planning and preparing food was the #1 reason that derailed them or made them feel unsuccessful with a healthy eating program.

Lack of will power was #2 on the survey results.

The tie for #3 was ‘once I made a mistake I was back in the failure cycle again’ and ‘skipped eating and I was so hungry I binged and couldn’t get back on track.’

Food stability is a still a huge, hot topic for me at times.  I had a meltdown before before shooting this video because I remember all the challenges I’ve had with my eating disorder.

I’ve broken it down here to 3 very SIMPLE steps to begin to provide a framework within which to work. One meal, one food, one sensation.

For example – for me it is:

– Breakfast (one meal)

– Oatmeal (one food)

– I feel stable in the mornings after eating my oatmeal (one sensation)

Download the PDF here and fill it in for 3 days using this formula.  While my scope of practice is not nutrition, I do focus on structure, organization, alignment and physical sensations in the body.

You may say “that’s it?”  And the answer I believe is YES.  It’s the perfect place to begin today.

I would love to hear if this process resonates with you and is achievable.

If not, how would you improve it?