Breathe with Me!

Rochelle Rice Change One HabitHere it is! The audio recording and worksheet you need to help you create a new habit!

Based on my personal experience of Charles Duhigg’s book, The Power of Habit, I highly recommend taking the time to listen to this audio recording, fill in the worksheet [Download PDF] or answer the questions below, and buy the book to further your process! We did it! And you can too!

The HABIT: What is the habit you want change? Be simple and specific.

Step 1 – Identify the TRIGGER (time, location, day, person, etc).

Step 2 – What ROUTINE follows the TRIGGER?

Step 3 – (And this is the ‘million dollar question!’ It may take time so be patient!)

What REWARD are you seeking when doing that HABIT?

Conclusion: How do you create the reward in a new, positive, empowering way?


My personal example –

The HABIT: watching TV at night.

1 – The TRIGGER:8:00pm when I was done for the day (this was new for me because I had never thought of time as a trigger.

2 – The ROUTINE: home from teaching, turn on the TV, eat whatever, watch TV, get up at every commercial to get something else to eat, stay up until Jon Steward because why not?!

3 – The REWARD: The TV shows I was watching (Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, Chicago Fire) were all giving me LOVE and ROMANCE.

Conclusion: I am currently working on creating Love and Romance for myself in the evenings. I’m still not sure what it looks and feels like, but the TV has also been removed! Don’t ask what I’m going to do when Dancing with the Stars is on!:)

Happy New Habit to you my friend!