It’s Monday…again.  And you may approach it with renewed vigor for your health and wellness, or you may feel sloth-like and loathing after a weekend of indulgence.  I’m mixed on the fence today.

But here’s the good news…it costs you absolutely nothing to bring yourself back to center.

We live in a $60 BILLION diet industry world – always seeking the latest diet, lose weight, feel great quick method, but the truth is – and I know you know this – there is no quick fix.  None. Period.

So what’s FREE and where do you begin?  Breathe.

Yes – your breath is FREE and available to you all the time.  And that’s why no one is talking about it as a weight management tool.  Because who makes money selling breath?! ;)

I hope you’ll join me for one of these free teleclasses on Thurday, May 14th @ 8pm and and Monday, May 18th @ 8:30pm. 

I believe so deeply in the breathing and it’s relationship to weight management, that I will be offering these calls so you can incorporate skills immediately into your life.

You will learn:

  • How to decrease the need for Tums or other antacids.
  • How to increase your connection to your food with breath.
  • How to increase your metabolism with breathing exercises.
  • How to regulate your body weight with the connection to breath.
  • And – why no one is talking about breathing as a weight management tool.

So say hello to Monday, and Tuesday, and Wednesday, and the rest of your week with a renewed sense of hope and possibility as it relates to your breath.

I look forward to having you on the call!