It was a shock to me when I looked at my website this week and realized more than three months have passed since I have written.  Where did that time go and what the heck was I doing?!?

Like with any change, modification, or life balance issue, there is the challenge of consistency.  How do you keep your real life in balance while trying to make improvements with your health, wealth, relationships, and overall sense of a purpose filled life?


So I decided to do some inventory of these past few months before I threw the entire time frame out and considered myself a loser or failure…again…in consistency.

November and celebrations.  I had a few celebrations that I deeply wanted to acknowledge.   I worked with my friend and colleague, Deborah Roth, on the rituals for each of these events and set to work. #honoryourtransitions

December and Christmas.  By far one of our best family celebrations ever.  I am grateful for my parents, my two brothers and their families, and my cousins on both the Hill and Rice side of the family, David and his entire family. #familyfirst

January and my birthday.  Significant.  “Double nickel.” Sweet kick in my gluteus maximus about how fast time flies.  Off to Canyon Ranch to present and teach.  Wow. Wow. Wow. #learngrowrepeat

February and Austin, TX. I’ve been working on a goal for a couple of years now.  While I can’t fully reveal everything yet, let’s just say I’m oh so very close!  More to come.:) #hardworkpaysoff

March and today.  OK – I guess I can cut myself some slack and remind myself that I have accomplished a great deal, hit a couple of goals and dreams, and filled my heart with love and appreciation for those around me.  Whew! #whatreallymattersinlife

So before you beat yourself up, dig a hole and crawl into it with every self-loathing word about the worthless piece of crap you are for not getting “enough” done, take a moment and recognize what you have accomplished and allowed yourself to feel – to appreciate.

I can’t believe this theme of “not enough” still haunts me.  But I slowly, very slowly, continue to trust myself, my heart, my feelings.  And then, the light within begins to shine ever so gently, as the muscles in my heart and chest soften – and the lesson that was to be learned these past three months is revealed.  You are absolutely perfect in this moment.  Keep going.

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