Nearly three months have passed since I’ve blogged…ugh.  Stuff gets in the way.  But when I look at what is the “stuff” I’m referring to, it seems more like I lost sight of my priorities and life moved along.  Sound familiar?  You wake up one day and think, where did those three months, three years, 30 years go?!?

Time management, goal setting, procrastination, ambivalence, all of the above.  Yep.  I’ve heard it all, read it all, and tried it all.  So what is the secret to staying on track?  Practice, practice, practice.  That simple and yet oh so challenging skill.

So, keeping it simple today, I am writing this one blog post to move me forward again.  That’s it.  Fifteen minutes of writing to get me back in flow.  I don’t need to feel ashamed or embarrassed that so much time has passed.  Just begin the writing process…again.

As a dancer, I learned a great deal about discipline and practice, but things came easy for me.  Now as I try to move into projects, business relationships, and leadership roles, the bar has been raised and I am being asked – within myself – to up my game, stretch higher, be excellent.  And there is something in this that is super exciting.  To move beyond one’s comfort zone – to say ‘this is how I am,’ – is not only cutting ourselves short of life’s experiences, but reducing the level of living life to the fullest.

Am I freaked out a bit to stretch?  You bet!  But with faith and trust, I leave these words on my blog today.  I invite you to stretch just a bit today with one small action – phone a friend even if it’s been forever, smile to a stranger on the street, hand write a note, or get outside and sit under a tree just because.  Set your timer if you have to. :)

Stretch.  Reach.  Don’t be afraid.  And don’t waste another day letting stuff get in the way.