It’s Monday…again. And you may approach it with renewed vigor for your health and wellness, or you may feel sloth-like and loathing after a weekend of indulgence. I’m mixed on the fence today. But here’s the good news…it costs you absolutely nothing to bring yourself back to center.

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I’ll admit it.  I had my gluteus maximus handed to me on a silver platter last weekend. I was teaching jazz dance at Berkshire Pulse in Massachusetts.  Two classes on Saturday.  One was an hour and a half.  The second one was two hours.  As a teacher, you generally are not doing the entire class […]

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25 Mar, 2015

Overstuffed and Undernourished

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As we move into the spring, I’m taking a close look at the areas in my life where I feel overstuffed or overwhelmed.  Do any of these resonate with you? 1 – Email – I feel like I’m drowning in my inbox. I still love you all. 2 – Food – what wasn’t good for […]

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We are so close! The official start of spring is March 20th! I swear these three steps have kept me upbeat and out of the blues this winter. They are not miracle cures, but following them will help regulate your mood, hormones and heart.

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I’m looking forward to appearing on Tara Marie Live! on Monday, March 9th from 6-8 pm ET, 3-5 PT, American Latino Radio/SiriusXM Channel 154. Join us as we discuss health and wellness in the Latina community.

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29 Jan, 2015

The First “Yoga Music” I Ever Heard

Posted by: Rochelle Rice In: Life

They say music can touch your heart and soul.  When I first heard Krishna Das I was convinced he was speaking/singing directly to me.  His tone and vibration resonated deeply within me and I was entranced by his music.  So much so that I used it in a very special ceremony that involved ritual work […]

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20 Jan, 2015

‘I want to be your friend…’

Posted by: Rochelle Rice In: Life

I came upon this quote recently and have decided this says it all about the work I do. I love my work and am dedicated to helping you create a peaceful, movement filled lifestyle through technique and anatomical awareness.  Your physical body has been beaten down for so long – it’s voice strangled in the […]

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18 Jan, 2015

Breathe & Eat is Open for Registration!

Posted by: Rochelle Rice In: Breathe & Eat

The Breathe & Eat program is now open for registration and will be closing on Wednesday, January 21st @ 12 noon so you don’t want to miss out! With this mindful eating program, you will be able to

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More than half of the women in our community believe that lack of will power is why they are unsuccessful with a healthy eating program. It’s NOT about will power.

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Weight loss was the #1 response as the outcome from a healthy eating program.  The exciting news however, was that many of you also stated you want to feel better and have more energy – even get off medications. A number of years ago I was doing a phone interview with a magazine and the […]

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