Hello Monday…again. I need a free fix.

It's Monday...again. And you may approach it with renewed vigor for your health and wellness, or you may feel sloth-like and loathing after a weekend of indulgence. I'm mixed on the fence today. But here's the good news...it costs you absolutely nothing to bring yourself back to center.

A New Perspective on Measuring Success

A number of years ago I was doing a phone interview with a magazine and the reporter asked, "If you don't weigh and measure your clients, how do you measure success?" That question was pivotal for me. "I measure the success of my clients by how they engage in their lives." Boom. That was it.

One Meal, One Food, One Sensation

After surveying our community, I learned that over 62% of the women believed that lack of shopping, planning and preparing food was the #1 reason that derailed them or made them feel unsuccessful with a healthy eating program.

It’s all about that Anatomy!

Get in touch with your anatomy.  It's the biggest kept secret out there.  Create a more peaceful relationship with your body by connecting to the muscles and bones in a way that truly means something to you and not just the pain you feel when the body is injured or out of alignment.

Breathing Teleclass Recording and Highlights!

Here is the recording from our breathing teleclass and a few highlights! Your body burns off 700 billion old cells daily. The old cells are toxic and can cause a sluggish feeling in your body if they are not eliminated at the same rate they are being produced. The waste is easily eliminated if you are breathing properly and getting plenty of oxygen.

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