Summer Clearance

No, it's not a sale! I'm here to tell you it's not too late to do your 'spring cleaning!' Have you ever felt stuck in a rut? Tired of the same old, same old? Can't figure out how to move forward? Know thyou're not 30 something anymore but you're also not dead yet? Yeah - that kind of muck. Here are 3 simple steps to clearing space in your home to help you move forward.

Signs of Spring

The daffodils and crocus were freezing this morning as temperatures dropped below 32 degrees. But at 12:45am, the true sign of spring rumbled through the midtown tunnel. Truly a New York "must see," the elephants from the Ringling Brother's circus made their ceremonial trip through the midtown tunnel and across 34th Street to Madison Square Garden.  Friends, [...]

Change?! It’s a tough one for many…

We are smack in the throws of a great deal of change right now - as a country and as a world.  But how resilient are you?  Does change "knock you over" or "fire you up?"  The key to success is to create resiliency.  I decided to try this hair cut and color experiment to [...]


At long last... my pen and paper writing is transformed to a keyboard and my butterfly covered journal has now morphed into a blog! Here I am! I am still passionate about dance aerobics, core strength, warrior II and tutus, but my "workout" lately has included HTML, style sheets, streaming video and frames, fields and [...]

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