December 2013 Newsletter

Thank you. That is what I would like to say to everyone in my community. Really, thank you for all you have done. Because of YOU, I'm headed to Washington DC to discuss weight discrimination. Today I am meeting with a committee of health professionals to discuss weight stigma, messaging, programming and strategy as it relates to the White House's Let's Move! campaign and worksite wellness programs.

November 2013 Newsletter

There is a time for stillness, for quiet and meditation, a time to take a seat and go inward. There is also a time to act, to speak and be heard-- a time to stand and outwardly defend beliefs. Those who subscribe to my blog or follow me on Facebook may know about my stand on The Biggest Loser. This television show is a disgrace to the fitness industry and I have zero tolerance for the trainer to client abuse deemed appropriate by this program.

October 2013 Newsletter

Often times when we see a challenge ahead it is difficult to move forward. It is scary to think of meeting that challenge head on. In fact, it would be MUCH easier to turn around and walk back to the safety and familiarity of where we came from... But we cannot turn our backs on life.

September 2013 Newsletter

Vacations are lovely. Off-time is imperative. But whether I am resting OR working, I try to place myself in an environment supportive of peace and restoration. I am blessed with an office staff that agrees to begin our work day with 5 minutes of personal quiet. What a difference this makes in how we work, speak and deliver!

August 2013 Newsletter

What an eventful summer this has been! Walking past store fronts I am already noticing fall apparel in the windows. As the heat begins to ebb many are looking toward the months to come and the changes they will bring. Here, an opportunity presents itself. Rather than looking down at your schedule today, take a look UP and feel the sunshine on your face.

July 2013 Newsletter

Greetings goddesses! Another Renew Day, another newsletter! On the 12th of each month, the date of my birthday, I find a way to renew. This month I am choosing to take extra care with my breath. I invite you all to join me in allowing yourself to find a comfortable seat, close your eyes, and just BREATHE!

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