Tell Michelle Obama NOT to appear on The Biggest Loser!

My name is Rochelle Rice, The Plus Size Movement Expert, and I do NOT want first lady Michelle Obama to appear on The Biggest Loser. Since 1995, I have been working passionately with the plus population. I believe all people have the right to a movement program that works FOR the larger body-- not against it. The abuse that The Biggest Loser trainers lay on contestants is unacceptable. I felt the show was so over the top that in 2009 I auditioned for the show hoping to be cast as the compassionate trainer.

Healthy Not Skinny DVD Video Series

This revolutionary "Healthy not Skinny" exercise series was designed for non-traditional body types. With no pressure, you now have the opportunity to move from Beginner to Intermediate to Advanced, all at your own pace, in your own home. The 3 easy to use DVD's included in this program allow for optimum health.

Full, Fit & Fabulous – Part I

1995 - Fit and Fat.  That's what I stood for.  As a member of the board of NAAFA (National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance) I believed no one should be discriminated against when it came to movement.  And still today I would defend any full figured, plus sized, large, curvy woman who leads or desires to [...]

US Surgeon General comments on Health At Every Size

After 15 years in the size acceptance world, I was stunned when I viewed this video. Is it because she knows that diets don't work? Is it because she understands the self-deprication that comes with cycling in and out of an active lifestyle? Is is because she is a woman?

Toastmasters Accredited Speaker

Toastmasters International’s Accredited Speaker Program acknowledges members who regularly demonstrate expert public speaking skills. This past week I was thrilled to be accepted as an Accredited Speaker after delivering my speech "'Til Breath Do Us Part."

Yaktrax for the Snow!

I guess I thought winter was over but NYC is blanketed in the white stuff today! In order to keep moving in your active lifestyle, I am recommending Yaktrax, an amazing product that has kept many of our clients on the move in the Big Apple!

Biggest Loser Audition for Trainers

Wow! What a day! Started in line @ 6am for this open call and met Stefan Aschan, President of Strength 123 here in NYC. We stood in line until 10am making this video of our time in line! It was fantastic to meet the "twins" as well - Jim and Bill!

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