Lean into the season…

The days are shorter as we move toward the Winter Solstice.  The hours of darkness in a day have become much longer.  Don't try and 'fix' yourself or make yourself feel better...lean into the season.;) Here are some tips: 1 - Food - choose warm, spicy foods that really nourish you.  Root vegetables, like carrots, [...]

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Decrease Inflammation for Better Weight Management

Wow! Just got off an amazing call with Jeanette Bronée and a number of women from across the country who joined our Teleconference! Jeanette is is a Nourishment Counselor, a Certified Ericksonian Hypnotherapist and a Motivational Speaker. She is Board certified with the AADP from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, she is certified with Tom [...]

US Surgeon General comments on Health At Every Size

After 15 years in the size acceptance world, I was stunned when I viewed this video. Is it because she knows that diets don't work? Is it because she understands the self-deprication that comes with cycling in and out of an active lifestyle? Is is because she is a woman?

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