Breathe & Eat

Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?

This program is focused on empowering YOU to gain the skills needed to free yourself from the diet mentality and begin to trust yourself again. Breathe and Eat © is NOT a diet program. Believe it or not, your body is hardwired for health. This program will provide the structure and foundation necessary to let go of the chaos and drama created by the mind.

Watch Rochelle’s introduction to mindful eating and learn what it could be like to stop fighting yourself when it comes to food.

If you’ve ever beat yourself up over unhealthy choices, if you’ve ever struggled to commit to a diet regimen or lose weight, if you’ve ever felt hopeless or overwhelmed by the breadth of information out there— THIS PROGRAM IS FOR YOU.

I will show you exactly how to create the correct environment for you you to eat mindfully, and to create a more peaceful relationship with your food.

Rochelle Rice, Creator, Breathe & Eat

Six week program comes with six video lessons plus a guidebook. Find out more and purchase the program at

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Exercise Video as a Digital Download

This 45 minute exercise video is done in a seated position with an emphasis on technique and the application to daily activities. The video is designed for beginners or those who have been inactive for a long time. It provides a foundation for embracing a lifestyle of movement.

Watch a sample of the video below.

I began using your video while suffering from mononucleosis and was very frightened with a new diabetes diagnosis. The personal note that accompanied my video was so nice, so supportive, and the video itself showed me the way to gently begin movement. I am SO much better! After only 2 1/2 months, I have lost many pounds and inches, I have my diabetes under control, and I have had no problem with ketoacidosis. THANK YOU for your wonderful work!
Marcie Bugni, Age 60, Missoula, MT

Available as a digital download for iPod, iPhone, iPad & iTunes, as well as any computer that can play Quicktime files!

Regularly $4.99, it is currently sold securely via PayPal for $1.99 on sale via the link to the right. (Credit Card orders accepted, registration not required).

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