My method is an anatomical approach for plus size women – to help you strengthen and lengthen muscles that may be affected by size, in order to help you move in the body you are in right now and to avoid secondary injuries.  That said, here are 3 water exercises that I feel are beneficial.

1 – Straight Leg Kicks – excellent for the gluteals (buttocks) which may be weak from not being used, hamstrings (back of the upper thighs) which may be elongated from standing in a “spill out” position, and abdominals, again, from standing in a “spill out” (no abdominal support at all) position.

2 – Inner Thighs – generally, the plus woman will stand or sit with legs a bit further apart to make space for the abdomen.  The inner thighs or adductors, need to be strengthened to help support the leg/knee.  As your body changes shape, the inner thighs are needed to help bring the femurs (thigh bones) back into alignment.

3 – Abdominals – breathing and body awareness are essential in this exercise.  Exhale on the effort – as you bring your knees to your chest.  Visualize to sensitize – your abdominal muscles go all the way down to the pubic bone.  If your abdomen flows beyond the pubic bone, it may be difficult to realize the abdominals are under there.  As you draw your knees in, see in your mind’s eye the pubic bone curling toward the navel.  This should help increase the work and sensation to the abdominal area.

The water is an excellent place for movement for the plus body.  Happy Moving!