We had the wonderful opportunity to interview with CBS a couple of weeks ago. Tracy Smith, CBS News Correspondent, called me on November 2nd and asked if we could work with her and do a piece on the history of dieting. While the piece involved many interviews from many people and research and stats to back it all up, I was thrilled to be able to participate and invite eight clients and my assistant Marissa, to participate. Special thanks to Filis Forman for make-up and hair.

We spent a total of almost two hours interviewing and filming our yoga class – all for what may be a few seconds on the show.  That’s show business!   But as the yoga class came to a close and the cameras stopped rolling, I thanked the women of my class for the hope they will be offering to millions of women watching this piece. Women who see this piece will feel hopeful that they can move their bodies, no matter their size.  And that is truly the message I wanted to share.  :)

With my sincere thanks to (L-R) Marissa Maislen, Michele Saunders, Rosie Fife, Suzette Banzo, Tracy Smith, Emily Owens, Lyn Baranowski, Chavone Crespo, Judy Durkin, Filis Forman and Susan Sussman.  Your passion, enthusiasm and commitment to movement may truly shift and empower the life of another woman.