My favorite show of all time – Dancing With the Stars – literally has me jumping off the couch, dancing, cheering and screaming with delight!

I couldn’t wait to see Kirstie dance – the heels, the form fitting clothes and Maks by her side.  A woman who most likely has stuggled her entire life with her weight management.  And she ROCKED!  I’m not sure what I was expecting, but what was most encouraging and inspiring to me was her ability to be in her skin!

At 60, she was confident, sensual and solid as her hands graced her hips!  She stayed on the balls of her feet with her high heels on!  And she connected with Maks in a way that showed grace and maturity.  OMG!

Bravo to you Kirstie – you rocked the dance floor and inspired me!  Please don’t worry about your weight.  You shine! ;)

To see Kirstie, log on to ABC’s Dancing with the Stars – and dance on!