There has been quite a bit of loss in my life this year.  Death to be exact.  The passing of Gary in January, a joyous dancer from my college days. The passing of my 94 year old grandmother in March.  The passing of my childhood friends’ father early in July.  The passing of a client’s life partner last Thursday and the passing of a dear friend’s mother on Sunday.  The weight of all of this struck me while at the same time trying to recognize the circle of life.

Moving in life is not just physical.  It includes one’s ability to move through sadness, trauma and feeling stuck.  It’s normal to want to curl up, isolate, eat, and not move.  But we are created to be part of a community – large or small.  And being honest in your joys and pains with others, creates a relational maturity while experiencing life together.

I’ve been more present and grateful than ever for friends and family.  Despite my busy schedule, I’m working hard to not ‘skim relationally’ as Rick Warren writes in his Purpose Driven Life.  I’m also holding faith close to my heart.  And I’m trying to remember that at the end of my life, it’s the relationships in my life that will have really mattered – not the amount of stress I am capable of banking with a sense of accomplishment.

So I’m reaching out.  I’m speaking honestly.  I’m letting those close to me know how much they are loved and appreciated.  I’m digesting the loss of the loved ones in my life. I’m reviewing my life’s purpose and renewing my sense of faith.  And I’m moving.  It’s a slower process, but movement nonetheless.  I offer you the peace, courage and strength to move as well.  Namaste.