Life has been very hectic lately, at times almost feeling a bit overwhelming.  With travel and meetings, I have found it incredibly challenging to keep my weekly dance and yoga class on my calendar.

Here was my family weekend…3 unexpected styles of my active lifestyle!

1 – Children’s Birthday Parties – get out and play!  Whether its laser tag indoors or an outdoor sport, join in the fun!  Standing with the kids and helping or participating in any way you can is incredibly active. Offer to referee, help with set up, or even participate on one of the teams!  You will have fun, laugh a lot and enjoy the freedom of movement!  We had a blast playing laser tag the day of our eight year old nephew’s birthday.  Up and down the ramps, in and out of the maze.  What a fantastic time!  Two rounds, 10 minutes each, and we had moved non-stop for 20 minutes!

2 – Dancing with Friends & Family – no club necessary!  Going out dancing for ‘women of a certain age’ can be daunting let alone finding the right place to make it all happen.  At a weekend gathering, open the dance floor!  Pop on your favorite play list and get dancing!  It can be with one friend, many friends or a family gathering!  In a familiar environment it is sometimes easier to not be self conscious versus a club dance scene.  Keep it simple, keep it fun!  My sisters-in-law and I popped on our pumps in the garage and danced the night away!  Two hours of non-stop dance and I slept like a baby!

3 – Retail Therapy – walk the stores!  To round out our weekend, we went shopping at one of the outlets.  I only wish I had put on my pedometer.  In and out of stores, trying on clothes, carrying bags – all the while demonstrating cardio, flexibility and strength.  Three hours later and we were whooped.  But being outside on such a beautiful day only added to the joy of the movement and the feeling of accomplishment.  The sky was glorious, my sisters-in-law were wonderful and the day was exhilarating!  Once again, I had been moving for the entire afternoon without having to go to any special class or use any special equipment, and again, I slept so well.

So keep it real. It’s not an all or nothing.   All movement counts but you must move each day!  Look for fun creative ways – they might even come at the most unexpected time!


I love laser tag!