Rochelle Rice

Rochelle Rice, MA

Nationally recognized speaker, author and educator.

A former professional jazz dancer, her passion stems from the inordinate amount of stress in our society placed on thinness rather than overall health and wellness.

As a Health at Every Size® practitioner, she motivates people to bridge the gap between knowledge and action, information and implementation, and awareness and accomplishment when it comes to their health.   Her keynote speeches and programs help people identify what is already working in their lives, rather than shaming them on what they are not doing. Providing confidence, trust and hope, with a solid, proven technique, her message is one of unwavering faith in people’s unique ability to create a life of personal leadership - putting their health first.

Imagine being able to trust your body again.

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A Personal Approach

Your personal approach added to the conference in terms of making it more holistic and patient centered. It is clear you are passionate about your work and uphold a level of compassion for your clients.

Pam Jenkins-Wallace, MS, NP,
Development Contemporary Forums

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Movement Message

Your ability to deliver your “movement message” to our Divas strengthened the hearts and bodies of women affected by diabetes.

Max Szadek,
Divabetic Founder

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Passion & Knowledge

Rochelle's passion, knowledge and true caring about both her subject matter and her audience comes through each time she speaks and clearly makes her the superior speaker that she is!

Debbie Metrick,
Wellness Weekend Attendee

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From Rochelle's Blog:

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It's Monday...again. And you may approach it with renewed vigor for your health and wellness, or you may feel sloth-like and loathing after a weekend of indulgence. I'm mixed on the fence today. But here's the good costs you absolutely nothing to bring yourself back to center.

When Exercise and Movement Hurt

April 30th, 2015|1 Comment

I'll admit it.  I had my gluteus maximus handed to me on a silver platter last weekend.

I was teaching jazz dance at Berkshire Pulse in Massachusetts.  Two classes on Saturday.  One was an hour and [...]

Overstuffed and Undernourished

March 25th, 2015|0 Comments

As we move into the spring, I'm taking a close look at the areas in my life where I feel overstuffed or overwhelmed. o any of these resonate with you?
  • Winter Blues

3 Quick Tips to Pull You Through the End of Winter and Beat the Blues

March 10th, 2015|0 Comments

We are so close! The official start of spring is March 20th! I swear these three steps have kept me upbeat and out of the blues this winter. They are not miracle cures, but following them will help regulate your mood, hormones and heart.
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