Here is the recording from our breathing teleclass and a few highlights!

Your body burns off 700 billion old cells daily.  The old cells are toxic and can cause a sluggish feeling in your body if they are not eliminated at the same rate they are being produced.  The waste is easily eliminated if you are breathing properly and getting plenty of oxygen.

The average pair of lungs holds almost two gallons of air (think gallons of milk for a moment to get a visual).  But most of us settle for two or three pints (think Ben & Jerry’s pints).  It makes sense then why you may feel tired sometimes and a bit more energized once you become mindful of your breathing or move your body.

Breathing in through your nose warms and moisturizes the air.  The mucus membrane and small hairs in the nose can help filter out pollutants and regulate the temperature of the air.  If you have asthma, a cold, or sinus challenges, breathe whichever way feels best for you and build your breathing practice slowly over time.

In the recording there are four opportunities to practice different breathing exercises with me.  Remember, your breath is the free, unspoken, always available weight management tool that is yours to claim.  Embrace a breathing practice and feel the comfort, safety and peace of snuggling in with your breath.


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